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Hi, I’m Matt Bumpas and I love ice cream! As the chef owner of Sweet Bumpas, I’m on a mission to bring fellow ice cream lovers in Seattle the smoothest, creamiest, and most flavorful ice cream they’ve tasted yet!


I take pride in creating ice creams and sorbets that are 100% homemade using quality local ingredients, such as Smith Brothers milk & cream, organic berries from Hayton Farms, and the drippiest, sweetest peaches from Martin and Collins Family Orchards.

The Sweet Bumpas Difference
Fresh Local and Seasonal Ingredients
Fresh, Local, and Seasonal Ingredients
Bold Twist on Classic Flavors
Bold Twists on Classic Flavors
100% Made from Scratch
100% from Scratch with 200% Love
Personalized Catering
SweetBumpas Catering
Whether it’s a kid’s birthday party, a launch party, or an elegant wedding, Sweet Bumpas has you covered!


Oh, and Sweet Bumpas is a highly skilled culinary chef, so our service is not limited to just the dessert course!


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“There is a part of me that never wants dessert again because it will never be as good.”