As a child, one of Matt’s proudest achievements was the Cookie Monster cake he made with his dad for the Cub Scout father-son bake off. In graduate school, he loved study groups as they were an opportunity to test out new recipes; in law school he spent more time menu planning than writing case briefs. At the age of 34, a “late bloomer” in the world of food, Matt finally realized his life’s dream of cooking professionally. Cooking school, catering, restaurant work…it wasn’t long before he landed with dream job as pastry chef at Seattle’s Poppy restaurant.

At Poppy, Matt delighted guests with his herb and spice infused whimsical desserts. Matt’s desserts have been featured in Seattle Weekly, The Stranger, Voracious Dining Guide, Seattle Met Magazine, Seattle Magazine, and Plate Magazine.

These days, Matt spends most of his time crafting sweet treats that delight grown-ups and children alike. Milk, sugar, eggs, and creams, these are what inhabit “Sweet Bumpas” dreams! Discover more about Matt’s journey in this wonderful Pacific NW Magazine piece by Rebekah Denn of The Seattle Times.

See the imaginative ice cream and desserts Matt created and read what others have to say about them!