Inventive and Fun to Eat

The desserts were brilliant, both in terms of how inventive the sweets were and how much fun they were to eat. -Dana F. (comment card) 7/6/14


Wow! Just wow! We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for vaulting our tastebuds into a third course experience that was nothing short of other worldly.
-McKenna E. 10/14/2013


Your desserts were absolutely divine—so unique yet approachable and completely memorable.
-Audrey and Laurel 3/12/2014


My date was blown away by the ginger cake w/ Meyer lemon and cilantro sherbet: ‘Best dessert ever’ in her words.
-Anonymous 5/24/2014

  Part of Me Never Wants Dessert Again

I literally, and I don’t mean that as hyperbole, have never had better dessert anywhere. There is a part of me that never wants dessert again because it will never be as good. -Alex F. (Yelp Reviewer) 9/3/2014


Black rice ice cream with mandarins—Inspired! -Jer G. (comment card) 2/27/14

  Really Impressive

First off, four cheers for the new pastry chef here. Really impressive (get the dessert thalis to understand better) This person really knows what they’re doing, which is why I’m writing this review. -Hercule P. (Yelp Reviewer) 12/22/2013

  Interesting and Delicious Ice Cream!

Matt Bumpas, keep making interesting and delicious ice cream! -Anonymous (comment card) 2/16/14

  Best Desserts In My Life!

After a delicious dinner, I was wondering ‘could this get any better?…’ Yes, yes it could in fact get better….This was one of the best desserts I’ll probably ever eat in my life. -Kat A. (Yelp Reviewer) 9/11/2014

  Made Me Almost Burst Into Tears

The burnt honey ice cream made me almost burst into tears. Never so delicious in my life. Thank you. -Laurell H. (comment card)

  OMG Divine

We ordered the burnt honey and urfa biber toffee with dried fruits ice cream. OMG divine. I’m obsessed with browned butter, and this had a very similar feel. I don’t care if it’s snowing outside… get this ice cream! -Lauren R. (Yelp Reviewer) 2/19/2014


Mr. Bumpas, your desserts are absolutely amazing. I had the caramel ice cream and my friend had the Japanese cheesecake with passionfruit puree. The second one was especially bombdigz! I would go back on a normal day just for the desserts. -Ly N. (Yelp Reviewer) 4/15/2014

  Best Mint Ice Cream

Seriously… that was the best mint ice cream I’ve ever had. Amazing! -Anonymous (comment card)

  Worth the Schlep at Rush Hour

Your banana ice cream is worth the schlep from West Seattle at rush hour! -Ivy N. (comment card) 8/26/14

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